ICEJET: Ice Cutting Systems

The use of the Ice Jet technology consists on the use of ice particles produced by running water or that stored in the freshwater system. These particles are introduced into the Water Jet (WJ) cutting machine, and they are used to cut material. Once the ice particles have cut the material, they melt and go into the water tank of the machine.

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The European project LIFE+ 08 ENV/E/000167 “Ice Jet” is being carried out. Its main target is to develop a pilot plant that will allow the testing of the technical feasibility of the Ice Jet technology in the cutting of different groups of materials which will be classified according to their characteristics.

Layman's Report: Project Results

The Layman's Report is the summary of the Project where the results of the Project are described.

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Final Report: Technical Version

A technical version of the Project Final Report has been published. In it, broad information of the technical results can be found.

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